Technology And Facilities

At Fisherton Dental Care

  • State of the art equipment - Dental chair with built in monitor for patient education and to view their own x- rays.
  • Digital intraoral x ray system- Shows instant x ray results and highly diagnostic of even small cavities and problems. Very beneficial for patients as it uses 30% less radiation as compared to the conventional x- ray systems.
  • Magnification - magnifying loupes are routinely used for precision work to enable minimally invasive dentistry.
  • CBCT Scanner
  • Itero 3D intraoral scanner
  • Free Wi - Fi zone
  • Free 30 min car park just below the practice.

CBCT Scanner

Our CBCT scan machine generates high-definition, 3D digital images that provide us with precision anatomical information about the maxillofacial and oral structures. 

3D digital imaging is imperative for dental implant treatment to ensure accurate planning and safe surgery. Implant surgery, as with any medical or dental intervention, requires careful planning to ensure no inadvertent damage is caused. 3D imaging allows us to look at your jaw bone from all angles on a computer screen and assess very carefully what surgical options are available to you. This imaging also allows us to plan and complete your implant surgery with complete precision, ensuring that we can safely avoid any nerves or blood vessels in the region. We will be delighted to demonstrate this equipment to you and show exactly what advantages this safe, affordable and non-invasive imaging technique has over normal dental x-rays.


The iTero™ Intraoral Scanner is designed to make the process of measuring a patient’s mouth easier and more comfortable than ever before while offering a significantly higher degree of precision.

The scanner’s wand employs incredibly precise imaging technology capable of capturing even the smallest details about a patient’s mouth.
Traditional methods of creating an impression require the use of cumbersome machines or impressions taken with material that gradually hardens. The problem with both of these methods is that patients tend to feel uncomfortable in these situations.

The iTero™ scanner doesn’t have these problems.


The iTero™ scanner allows for dentists and other oral care providers to give their patients significantly more accurate and comfortable work. It makes appointments faster and reduces the amount of error encountered during the creation of devices made to fit in a patient’s mouth.

The Itero scanner also allows to show the patient the 3D Simulation of the final smile when scanned for Invisalign treatments. This allows the patient to see their final teeth position even before they start the treatment !

This means the iTero™ scanner represents a new level of quality when it comes to taking tooth impressions or showing simulations.

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