Routine General Dental Care in Salisbury

Our team is committed to the prevention of dental diseases.

We examine our registered patients twice a year to ensure that their oral cavity is in good health. Routine radiographs are taken at recommended intervals and any treatment needs are addressed at the earliest.

We provide general dental treatments including White fillings, Root canal treatments, Dentures and dentistry for kids.

Dr Neeraj Parson has a Masters Degree in Conservative Dentistry and has special interest in Root canal treatment.

He also treats cases with severe wear and worn down dentition.


Fisherton Dental Care

Dental Hygiene Services

We also provide hygiene services at the practice.

At every hygiene appointment

  • You will be advised on the best oral hygiene techniques to prevent decay and gum problems. This will be tailored advice specifically for you on the best brushing technique to use and the most suitable interdental cleaning aids
  • Your gums will be screened for any signs of gum disease and advice on further treatment will be provided if necessary
  • Your teeth will be cleaned of plaque and calculus (hard plaque) using the latest techniques in the most gentle and effective ways possible. With care being taken that you are as comfortable as possible throughout
  • You will be advised on the best recall for Dental Hygiene appointments for your needs.

This could be every 6-12 months for relatively well-maintained teeth and gums or 3-4 monthly for mouths which are more susceptible to gum disease.

Fisherton Dental Care in Salisbury

Dedicated to promoting healthy and beautiful teeth you can be proud of