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Orthodontist in Salisbury

Orthodontist straighten teeth and correct disproportionate jaw relationships, so that the teeth and soft tissues can develop to their full functional and aesthetic potential, resulting in an uninhibited and attractive smile. Orthodontists in Salisbury treat patients for numerous problems that include overlapped , crowded teeth etc. and also resolves issues with the development of tooth and growth of jaw.

Nothing connects two people more than an attractive smile. So, our Orthodontist in Salisbury can help you have an engaging smile that can make a great first impression. At Fisherton Dental Care we use the latest in braces technology hence they are suitable for all age groups. Porcelain or clear bracket design makes the brace virtually invisible thereby making this treatment option very desirable by adults.

We, at Fisherton Dental Care believe that a winning smile increases confidence and breaks boundaries, which is why when required we encourage patients desiring a beautiful smile to undertake orthodontic treatment rather than extensive and invasive restorative procedures.

Our Orthodontist in Salisbury at Fisherton Dental care can see you for a free consultation to evaluate and give all the treatment options to enhance your smile.

Straightening of teeth can be done in various ways :

  • Inman Aligners
  • Invisalign or Clear aligners
  • Braces - metal
  • Porcelain