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Treatment Procedure

The journey towards your new smile may be less complicated and time-consuming than you think..

The success of your implant treatment depends on a thorough diagnosis, an individual consultation and a competent dental treatment. Always ask your dentist about the risks and benefits of an implant treatment.

Implant treatment in 5 steps

The dentist determines whether an implant is the right solution by taking X-Ray images and computer tomographs for three-dimensional imaging. One important condition for the treatment is that there is sufficient bone.

The implant is inserted under local anesthesia. A temporary restoration may be placed on the implant during the healing stage. This allows for a natural-looking smile early in the process.

After approximately one week, the stitches are removed. The healing phase will last between six weeks and a few months, depending on the medical situation. During this time, diligent oral hygiene is vital in the healing stage of the treatment.

The dental laboratory uses an impression to produce the crown, bridge or denture. It will be inserted after the dental implant has healed in.

Just like natural teeth, implants require regular check-ups and conscientious oral hygiene. With appropriate care, the long-term function of implants can be maintained. The treating dentist informs about cleaning and hygiene measures.

How long does treatment usually takes ?

Timeline of treatment with a dental implant

Since every surgical procedure carries potential risks, patients should always consult a dental professional to evaluate whether dental implants are the option for them.